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23 October 2019

  • Staying Attached to your Watershades
    20 October 2019
    Take extra precautions in overhead surf conditions

    The autumn has definitely arrived in Europe with strong winds and big sea conditions. With gnarly conditions set to continue for much of October, some of the best days of the year are still ahead of us.

    Recently, LiP were in Saunton on the UK North Devon coast to experience some great kitesurfing conditions. The wind was clean, the swell was huge, but it was the wipe-outs that were the most memorable.

    After several epic wipeouts in overhead conditions, we wanted to bring attention to some essential tips for wearing your watershades when the surf conditions get big.


    Expect the unexpected

    Tip 1: When wearing the Typhoon or Surge, make sure you always wear your leash AND necklace retention system. If you go out without your silicone retainer necklace in big conditions, then you might well come out of the water without your watershades. Getting caught inside a strong swell can result in your sunglasses being pulled off your head. The forces involved can be immense. Without your silicone necklace attached to the leash, you are very likely to lose your sunglasses.


    Tip 2: Tighten the non-slip leash chord to your head – as tight as it will go before it becomes uncomfortable. If you have a heavy wipeout, any ‘play’ in the leash will lead to an increased chance of the watershades being pulled off your head.


    Tip 3: Wearing a snug fitting hooded rashie can help to keep everything in place during a wipeout, but don’t forget to also use your leash and necklace too! The hood alone is unlikely to stop the glasses from being pulled off your head


    Tip 4: After every session, and especially after every session in big conditions, make sure you check that the lenses are still securely slotted into the lens grooves of the frame. During harsh wipeouts, it is possible that a lens might become partially dislodged from its groove without popping out completely. If this happens and you haven’t spotted it, then the next time you head out on the water, the next jolt could lead to the lens popping out. The best way to check for a partially dislodged lens is to grab your microfibre bag, place it on the top surface of each lens and apply downward pressure around the lens edges with your thumbs. It will click back into place if it has been dislodged. Then carry out a final visual inspection of the lenses around the rim of the frame to make sure everything is where it should be.


    Have fun out there!

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  • Gear Talk w/ Team Rider Chris Bobryk – The Slingshot RPM & Raptor Kites | 2020
    16 October 2019

    Chris Bobryk is our newest rider on Team Slingshot. Currently, he is killing it in the Freestyle kiteboarding world and when it’s too windy for the park he proficiently crosses over to big air sending. He recently left Hood River, Or., in a van to head east on new crazy adventures with the MACkite crew. Here is what just trickled back to us for your viewing pleasure!

    Chris’s kit for Freestyle riding includes:

    The 2019 RPM kite is one of the most unique kites available. Technically, it’s an all-around kite that has a good wind range and relaunches are effortless. In 2019 the RPM received a facelift giving it greater low end power helping it jump much easier than the 2018 and earlier models. Of all the all-around kites, it remains the best performer when it comes to unhooked riding. Not quite a true cross-over kite and not quite a true all-around kite, the RPM stands in a category of its own. If you’re an all-around rider who prefers to be unhooked, you will be amped on the RPM.

    Paired with:

    The 2020 Refraction is one of the best cross-over boards available. In 2020, the rocker was reduced making it a faster board that rides upwind better. Suited for powered riders, kiteboarders who are rough on their gear or anyone who wants one board for kiteboarding that they can use at the cable park. This is the board.

    Chris’s kit for boosting, high wind days:

    When the wind goes off, Chris Switches things up and gets sendy with the 2020 Raptor. A fast-turning kite that feels at home throwing kiteloops. It’s made to ride powered up and is a top notch big air kite if you like to go big.

    Paired with:

    The 2020 Misfit. Conditions sometimes call for footstraps and a twin tip board, this is Chris’s board of choice. Fast, efficient, stiff and loaded with a ridiculous amount of pop. The new Misfit is a solid choice for big air riders. Paired with footstraps, Chris rides the 143 as he doesn’t need any more board with this outline.

    MACKite GearBox:

    2019 RPM

    2020 Refraction

    2020 Raptor

    2020 Misfit

    Big thanks to our partners at MACkite and Ryan Goloversic for producing some kickass content and video footage.

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  • Affordable Family Fun for Budget-Conscious Vacationers in Ft. Lauderdale
    09 October 2019

    Family fun in Ft. Lauderdale doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, at American Watersports, we believe in bringing fun to everyone! With one of our jet ski rentals, you can enjoy the water in a whole new way. And with our regularly offered watercraft rental specials, getting out on the water has never been more affordable.

    Jet Ski Rentals

    Thrill seekers of all ages will enjoy cresting the waves on a jet ski. Our waverunner rentals will fulfill your need for speed while giving you a unique view of the area you can only get out on the water. The beauty of a jet ski rental is that anyone can ride; our jet skis hold up to three passengers, making them accessible for young riders and their parents. Plus, you can choose how long and how fast you ride: whether you want a 30-minute leisurely cruise or an entire afternoon of shredding the waves, we’ve got you covered.

    Watercraft Rental Specials

    At American Watersports, we offer competitive rates on our jet ski and watercraft rentals. We want your family to have the most fun while in Ft. Lauderdale, and our prices reflect that. In addition to already great rates, we also offer several watercraft rental specials to bring the price down even more! Print one of our coupons to receive $10 off a 1-hour jet ski rental or $5 off a 30-minute jet ski rental! 


    In addition to our specials and coupons, we also offer another great way for locals and regulars to save on water sport rentals: memberships! Our membership plans provide anywhere from 20%-50% off of watersport rentals with the cost of an annual fee. Members receive free parking at the Sea Gardens Beach Resort, access to the beach volleyball court, access to our local tiki bar, and a free kayak rental (with Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans). Higher level members also receive discounts on our already affordable beach furniture rentals.

    Reserve Online Now

    Be sure to factor in some extra fun for your next family vacation to Ft. Lauderdale. With American Watersports, time out on the water has never been more fun or affordable. In addition to jet ski rentals, we also offer paddle board rentals and kayak rentals. Contact us at (954) 946-1811 to learn more about our watersport rentals or make a reservation online today.

  • 3 Tips for Beginner Kayakers
    02 October 2019

    Kayaking is an outdoor activity that’s quite easy to learn. Actually, within an hour or so, you can be out on the water, paddling happily and having a great time. But, before you head out on a paddling trip, you’ll want a good set of skills to facilitate a safe and comfortable ride. At Beach Water Sports, we want to ensure that you embark on your first kayaking trip armed with the necessary skills to pull it off without a hitch.

    1. Position Matters When you sit correctly in the kayak, you’ll find paddling much easier and less tiring. In fact, if you don’t sit properly, you will get uncomfortable very quickly and will suffer throughout your trip. The ideal position is to sit up straight, with knees bent upward and outward, and feet resting on foot pegs. 2. Paddle Hold Matters Holding the paddle properly will make a huge difference in your paddling. Make sure to clutch the paddle with both hands and keep your hands just over a shoulder width apart. Also, be sure that the concave area of the paddle is facing you so it can sweep properly through the water. 3. Location Matters

    Kayaks are the best way to get up close and personal with the beautiful scenery and wildlife that surrounds Jupiter Island and Hutchinson Island in Palm Beach County, Florida. Glide through the mangrove forests around Peck Lake and St. Lucie Inlet and, on the way, you might spot the manatees, otters, turtles, herons, and other birds and animals that inhabit the Intracoastal Waterway’s barrier islands.

    Looking for a stable, comfortable, and safe kayak for your next paddling adventure? At Beach Water Sports, we specialize in kayak, boat, jet ski, and paddle board rentals. For more information on our range of kayaks, contact us today at (561) 745-6900 or (772) 225-2000.

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  • THE FOLLOW UP INTERVIEW – Summer, We HOPE with Fred Hope and Kaden Sponhauer
    26 September 2019
    The Follow Up Interview – Fred Hope and Kaden Sponhauer sit down with Slingshot Brand Manager, Alex Fox, to talk water sports in the Columbia Gorge, Videography and life in your 20’s. 


    AF: Great work on the film guys! Are you stoked with how it came out and the response?

    KS: Yeah, it’s been awesome hearing from people around Hood River. I’m stoked so many people were able to see it!

    FH: Hell yeah! Super happy with how it came out. Kaden did a wonderful job as always of knocking out the clips and putting it together. I really enjoyed this edit because of how broad it was in its disciplines. Last years was only foil on 23m lines. This year pretty much everything except for garage sale items were filmed on (Garage sale kiting coming soon). I have found myself using what I’ve learned on the foil to help me in other disciplines and vice versa. The different riding style can bring out different tricks that I had never thought of. This summer I have probably spent more time on a surfboard than foil and much more time on a twin tip vs last year.

    AF: Awesome. Yeah, we have had great feedback! It’s cool to see what you guys have done in such a short summer season. When can we expect the next one, haha?

    KS: This was a windy summer in Hood River so we were able to do a lot of filming. We should have more coming out this fall! There are also exciting plans for this spring.

    FH: I honestly have no idea. Both this year and last, we filmed for two days then Kaden had the edit ready by the end of the week. We’re always enjoying kiting so much that we forget about the job we have to do. It seems like every summer towards the end we realize how much filming we missed out on, but also how much fun we had. I’d say next years will be a new take on the sport with incredibly strange contraptions and kites everywhere….

    AF: I was telling Kaden that you don’t see many people in Hood River shooting kiteboarding from the water. You kind of see it down in the park, but we have seen a lot of that scenery. That was the first thing I noticed with this footage. Was this something you guys planned?

    KS: Shooting from the water definitely adds a more unique look to our videos so we try to do it as often as we can. It’s also way more fun to get in the water than to shoot from shore. In the park, the water is usually shallow enough for the cameraman to stand in the water, but where Fred, and most people like to ride, the water is a lot deeper and requires a water housing for the camera. A water housing can be really expensive, so I think that’s what mainly keeps people away from shooting in deep water. Luckily, I found a water bag I can put my camera in that costs less than $100.

    FH: Yes. It is by far my favorite position to have the filmer be in. By shooting from the water, the viewer gets more of a sense of how it feels and all the little things going on at once. Last years foil edit was the first time someone had filmed me from the water and also the first time I truly felt that my style had been captured.


    AF: I mean the second really obvious thing was that Fred wasn’t exclusively riding a foil. I think everyone in Hood River and La Ventana knows Fred can ride everything but I think this is the first time that it was really put on display. Was that focus for both of you guys?

    KS: Yeah we had never really done much filming with anything other than a foil until this summer. Usually when it’s too windy to foil I like to go kite, so we never get any footage of Fred riding surfboard or twin tip. I hurt my ankle this summer, so I had more time for filming, and after one session with Fred on the surfboard we had to do more. The new gear this year is so sick too we had to try it all!

    FH: Yeah that was definitely the focus. Sure, I’m the foil kid and that’s super great, but I don’t want to be tied down to that. Every discipline is fun and keeps the mind open to new ideas. Sometimes while foiling it becomes hard to think of something else to try. Jumping on a surfboard, I can watch Reider Decker or Matchu Lopez defy what I thought was possible and gives me something to shoot for. I wouldn’t consider myself riding a twin tip to be showing off… I’m working on it, but I’m still pretty rusty.


    AF: Is one of the disciplines harder than the other to film for you Kaden? I can’t imagine an “around the world” is super easy to film, haha? Also probably not the easiest trick to do going around someone either huh Fred?

    KS:  Twin tip is probably the hardest for me to film in the water. I can’t zoom in or out when the camera is in the water housing so when Fred does a big jump he can get too far away for the shot to still look good. The hardest part about filming an “around the world” is deciding when to film Fred and when to film the kite. People want to see that he stays on a foil the whole time but it’s also important to see what the kite is doing. Foiling is definitely the most dangerous to film. As you know Fred rides really fast and likes to come very close haha. I always make sure my arms and legs are in when he rides by.

    FH: I’ve been searching for a helmet sponsor for Kaden for a while now, haha. If anyone reading this works for a helmet company email me. I don’t think I’ve ever hit Kaden but it’s been pretty close. The around the world isn’t that bad. Sometimes the kite will land on top of him, but we always end up laughing as it tumbles downwind.

    AF: So this summer, to last summer. Does anything stick out to you guys? Kaden, has it been easier to film Fred this summer as opposed to summers past? I’m really asking about how much Fred has improved… He seems to land 90% of the stuff he tries now.

    KS: This summer has been much easier to film. We’ve done enough filming together now that I can tell when he is going to do a trick or how he does a trick. Now I know when to start filming and when I can stop. It definitely saves a lot of time and space on my SD cards haha! I also don’t miss any of Fred’s tricks now because I can tell when he is going to do them. I think Fred tries or invents a new trick every session so filming with him never gets boring.


    AF: Wait, so how long have you guys known each other? Seems like a pretty great friendship. Who’s the lazier one out of the bunch?

    KS: I met Fred when I was first learning to kite at the event site around 7th or 8th grade, so about six years ago. We’ve been filming and traveling together ever since.

    FH: We probably started hanging out in 2016? I had just started driving so I’d always be at the event site. I don’t know if one of us is lazier than the other, but not saying we aren’t. Just wait until a 95-degree day at 3-mile to find out.

    AF: So Fred, we saw you ride lots of different kites in this video. I think in total 4 different models right? Can you walk us through why and what conditions you choose to use them?

    FH: The more the better! But actually, it all depends on the amount of lift you want and certain amounts of slack. When I was riding the new Rally GT, I was looking for a high amount of lift with quick shut off. This is great for front rolls and tricks where you want to be a little higher off the water. I have actually found this kite to work great for all disciplines and think if Sam only lets me get two kites next year, I’d choose two Rally GT’s (please don’t do that Sam). I was riding the SST while foiling because of my strapless foil tricks, lift is not so much your friend. I need a kite that reacts quickly but won’t throw me off balance. The SST is great for this. In the video, I was also riding an RPM and a RAPTOR. The RPM shots were from a light wind morning way out east. I honestly love the 12m RPM because of how easy it is to control and its speed even though it’s such a big kite (for the Gorge). I like the bigger size RPMs over the GT because of an easier pull that shuts off a little better when the conditions are iffy. Later that day, the wind ramped up and we had 35 mph gusts coming through. The RAPTOR had just come out a couple days before, so I had to give it a go. I was very impressed. It’s a very different kite from the rest in the Slingshot line but very similar to the high aspect prototypes I used to ride back in the day. It took me a little bit to get used to flying this kite but once I figured it out, I was spending half my time in the air boosting over trees and exploring shallow marshes.

    AF: So what’s next for the two of you? Please don’t tell me and all of the fans out there that you are waiting until next summer for another video. That’s not what we want to hear.

    KS: We’ve got a couple more videos in store for this summer and a big trip planned for the spring. There’s no way we can wait until next summer either.  

    FH: While Kaden is off exploring South America this fall, I’ll be up in Seattle studying my ass off while it rains outside. I’m going to university but am planning on taking the spring quarter off to explore the west coast of Baja then hopefully head down to South America myself. I bought a van a couple weeks ago and have been tricking it out to take down to Baja. Now I just need to build Kaden a bed then he’ll have a place to sleep. The plan is to hit San Carlos, Abreojos, and La Bocana. Strictly waves spots, but there always other places in between to get our foil on.


    AF: Good because I know that there are foilers all over the world waiting to see what’s Fred has coming down the pipe.

    KS: Haha, you can expect a whole lot more than just foiling in our next projects!

    FH: There is always a way to push yourself foiling. Looking back even a year or two ago, I’m surprised at how far I’ve come!


    AF: Nice work boys! Tell everyone thank you for reading this interview. There is nothing more a bunch of 40-60 year olds like more than listening to a bunch of millennials having a conversation Hahaha. Talk soon!

    KS: Haha thanks for reading!

    FH: Thanks for taking the time to read this interview! If you have any questions or spots to check out, let me know. Sorry for slacking on getting the interview to you Fox, the van has been taking 100% of my focus.


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  • 2020 Hover Glide Windfoil Unbox by Wyatt Miller
    18 September 2019
    The NEW Hover Glide Hydrofoil for Windsurfing is the choice for maneuver-oriented sailors and is forgiving enough for anyone who wants to take their first flight.


    This is the go-to setup for a seamless transition from windsurfing to wind foiling. Equipped with the Infinity 76 wing, the FWind package provides the versatility, range, performance, and progression that backs the Slingshot claim of calling this one of the best wind foil setups on the market. Go through the unbox with brand manager, Wyatt Miller.


    Transcribed from Video:

    Hey guys, I’m Wyatt Miller, brand manager for Slingshot’s Windsurfing Department, and I’m here to give you a little peek into the updated 2020 FWIND1 Hover Glide foil package for windsurfing. This year it has an ALL NEW low profile protective travel case that everybody’s going to love. When you’re packing it away at the end of the year or you’re doing a big trip, it’s great to have a fully lined case to put it all away in. When you open it up, it’s got a compartment for every single one of the components. As I open it up here, my main front Infinity 76cm wing goes here. I’ve got a nice guitar fleece-lined pocket for my mast. Another one right here for my fuse. Same thing, we’ve got … It comes with both the track adapter and the Tuttle adapters, so there’s a pocket for your track adapter and some other miscellaneous odds and ends, screws, nuts, bolts, and a pocket for the included Tuttle adapter.

    It also has the perfect fleece-lined, like a guitar case, pocket for your rear stabilizer. Another super cool feature for 2020 is that both your front wing and your stabilizer come included with these nice neoprene covers. This case is great for when you’re packing it all away, but if you’re going to leave your Hover Glide assembled, it’s really nice to have a neoprene cover to protect both the front wing and the rear stabilizer. Slips on and off super easy.

    The 2020 Hover Glide package, same as the 2019, comes with the Infinity 76 wing. This is my all-around favorite wing. It’s still really fast, top speeds of 27 miles an hour. Nice low stall speed of seven miles an hour. You can really come out of that jibe nice and slow before you stall and drop. It’s got downforce in the wings, so the faster you go it doesn’t just over-lift. The faster you go, the more the downforce kicks in and starts driving this wing down. It’s really my all-around favorite wing for doing tricks and in the waves.

    The rear stabilizer also has the nice little neoprene cover. So, again, you’re leaving it assembled in your car at the beach. You’ve got it nice and protected.

    The other really big update for 2020 that’s different from 2019 is it comes standard with the longer 90 centimeter mast. We’re finding that people are having an easier time learning to foil with a 90 centimeter fuse. It actually gives you more flight range and more time to correct your errors, so people are really opting for the longer mast.

    Anyways, it’s just a great package. It’s really nice for long car trips or if you’re going to check it on a plane to have everything padded. The fleece-lined cases are pretty sweet. I think you’re going to love it.


    For the entire 2020 Slingshot Windfoil Line CLICK HERE. 

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  • Which FREESTYLE Windfoil board is right for you?
    14 September 2019
    The FREESTYLE Windfoil board comes in two sizes, a 87L & a 115L. Each has very unique performance styles for different types of Windfoiling. Wyatt Miller, Slingshot Sports Brand Manager gives you the overview.



    Transcribed from Video:

    Hey everybody. I’m Wyatt Miller, brand manager for Slingshot’s windsurfing division and I could not be more fired up to talk about our two new board offerings for 2020, the FREESTYLE line. We’ve got a 115 liter and we’ve got the 87 liter. Different boards, both exactly what I hoped for. We’ve got the 115, plenty big to float you and get going in really light winds. It’s actually easier to uphaul than the Wizard 105. Not so much, maybe just … About the same as the Wizard 125. Because you’ve got a little more nose in front of the mass track here, it actually is easier to uphaul, because you could have one foot in front and one foot in the back, standard uphaul for a windsurfer.

    It also has the mast track coming a lot further back than the Wizard boards and actually even further back than your standard freestyle or wave board. That just allows you a lot more control over the lift and the dip of the board. So you can still set it nice and far forward if that’s the way you like it, but our top freestyle guys, the big back loopers, really want to get this mass track a lot closer to your front foot than you would on even the normal freestyle board. That’s available here in the extra-long mast track.

    Next thing to talk about is the three inboard foot straps. Time and time again, I’ve handed these to a team rider or a buddy who’s a fairly proficient foiler, and they just come back and they’re like, “Oh my gosh, that’s exactly how I wanted foiling to feel.” For the last couple of years I’ve been riding with four outboard straps and trying to do moves and trying to get hard carves and something was holding me back. Now that I’ve got full inboard foot straps with a center line back strap, that’s how this was supposed to feel. It’s a complete game changer, let me tell you.

    I want to give you guys a little closer view of our new foot straps and the foot strap insert options on this Freestyle board. First, we’ve got, new for 2020, a windsurf specific foot strap. This is just the nice cushy, little bit thin, foot strap that we’re all used to in windsurfing. One of my favorite features is the numbered sizing system. Instead of having to set each one to your foot, you set one and you realize, “Okay, I’m like a five, so I’m going to put it at five.” And then you know all your straps are the same. Really helpful and saves a lot of time. The Freestyle comes with four of these foot straps, so you can actually run two foot straps in front, two foot straps in the back, for a little bit of ease of use and extreme efficiency and better upwind angles. If you want to move the front straps further in to the center, you’re going to have more control over each rail, whether you’re going switch or regular.

    So more advanced riders are going to ride really inside and more intermediate sailors are going to move these front straps out to the side. Even some of our team riders who are into big jumps and huge, crazy forwards and backs and jumping, they ride a little further outboard here. Whereas the guys who are doing switch stance tricks are riding more inboard. Same thing with the back foot straps, you can do a four strap option or you can do a single back strap. Depending on whether you have a tuttle box or track mount you may have to straddle the tuttle mounts or offset your strap a bit.

    If you want to go true full on center, Slingshot has the surf strap here and it’s got a really wide hole pattern. You can still run a single hole in the middle, but it’s got a nice wide hole pattern that will straddle that tuttle insert and match up really nicely. So it’s going to come with four straps and then you can ride it four straps for a little bit more efficiency, a little more ease of use. And then if you want to be full inboard, you’re going to use the windsurf specific straps in the front and you’re going to use one in the surf straps in the back with a wider whole pattern, that’s going to allow you to straddle that tuttle box.

    In the future I believe that all boards will have the track system. I mean, SUP’ers, surfers, wakeboarders, every other sport is just using this sliding track mount system. Windsurfers, we wetted ourselves to the tuttle, which is really like a 1980’s windsurf technology, that just fixes you in one place. And while that does work really well and is probably the most efficient as far as light wind, being able to slide your whole foil forward and back in the track is the future. It is the way everything else is going to go. So you’ve got ultimate compatibility here, you’ve got the tuttle so you can take your tuttle foils and put them in there. But you’ve also got the track which allows you to fine tune that center of lift. Foiling is all about getting that center of lift exactly where you want it.

    My favorite setting is like one inch or two inches forward or back. What we’re finding with foilers, as you get better and better … First people have trouble kind of keeping the foil down but as you get better and better you actually want to have that center of lift further forward. So you get more front foot pressure because then when you transfer your weight to your back foot and can really cork it out of the water.

    Also when you go to jibe, if you have a little bit extra front foot pressure, when you pull your foot out of the back foot strap and you put it just in front like all of us windsurfers jibe, it feels really comfortable. It stays flying, it doesn’t want to go down towards the water. So we’ve got both the track and the tuttle mount, fully compatible with everything in the market. You’ve got the same chine rails in the front to help you if you do touchdowns, to not fully auger in but kind of bounce back up. You’ve got the cutaway rails for early release. You’ve got the 115 liter version here, which is 188 long by 71 wide. Still really plenty wide and extra thick in the tail. All that volume is in the tail, so as soon as you get moving you can move right into the front foot strap and even the back foot strap and start pumping and trying to get on a plane from there.

    You’ve got the 87 liter version, which is one 172 tall, nice and short, by 69 wide. The 87 liter is the perfect size for kind of smaller sailors or if the wind is over 20, if it’s normal 5.0  wind surfing conditions, the 87 is all I would ever use. If I’m really going to use it for a light wind option because it’s just not windy enough to go on my 5.0 and my normal gear, then I’m going to want to go with this 115. Again, the 115, super easy to up haul because you’ve got a longer nose and this mass track is pulled further back. You can uphaul a lot easier than you can on the Wizard 105, about the same as the Wizard 125. The 87, if you’ve got some up haul skills, I know it’s a lost art, but if you’ve got some up haul skills you can still up haul that 87.

    Both of these boards, if you’ve already foiled before or you just been hesitant about getting into foiling because you’re like, “I don’t ride four straps. I don’t ride formula and solid boards. I want to have control over both rails because my front feet are inboard, my back foot is center.” These are the boards for you. I feel like a beginner foiler could start on this 115, no problem. That could be your first freestyle board. True, you’re not going to be completely as efficient as a Wizard board, but that feeling of having control over both rails at all time and your back foot right on the center is just unbeatable. It’s seriously a delight to sail.


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  • The Beauty of Tourism in Bali You Need to Explore
    07 September 2019

    If you want to talk about travel, then your mind’s mind is a natural beauty of God’s creation that we should capture with pictures or videos. However, if you hear the natural attractions in Bali, surely we have a lot to capture. It can be said that every natural tourism spot in Bali needs to be enshrined and shared on our social media.

    Next, the most sought after a holiday in Bali is the beauty of the natural scenery. You can play on the clean sandy beach with gently sloping water while eating fresh seafood, or playing in a tourist village that is also beautiful with very fresh air because it is still beautiful. Some of the natural attractions in Bali are highly recommended for you to visit during your vacation.

    Telaga Waja Karangasem

    If you like activities that stimulate adrenaline, rafting in the Waja Karangasem lake is a perfect choice. The rafting route that you will take is the longest route in Bali. To explore the entire river area along the 16 km then the time you need is about 2 hours to 2.5 hours depending on whether the river is heavy or not. Interested?


    If you like the view of the mountains with fresh air and green views that lay before your eyes. The green mountain scenery combined with the beautiful view of Lake Batur is a complete blend for you who are looking to release fatigue. The air is very cool and fresh feels right from the first time you set foot in this place. Almost all tour packages in Bali offer a visit to Kintamani. Besides that, in Kintamani there is also a very famous hot spring bath, are you interested?

    Jatiwulih Tabanan

    For those of you who miss the beautiful and green rural atmosphere with a wide view of the terraces that lay before your eyes, you must enter Jatiwulih Tabanan Village into your tourism destination. This village has the best terraces in Bali and has frequently entered into various magazines, tabloids or other media. Guaranteed all the fatigue, stress and fatigue that you feel so far will disappear instantly.

    Tanjung Benoa

    Come to Tanjung Benoa so you can try Parasailing where you will fly using a parachute. The parachute will later be pulled by using a speed boat and you can choose to parasailing tandem or just playing singles alone.


    Who likes other natural attractions you can also visit Bedugul. There is a magnificent lake. The lake named Beratan Lake is often used as a photo location for those who will have a pre-wedding session. The atmosphere and scenery are very beautiful and beautiful.

    If you are interested in doing water sports in Bali, you can order it through us. Book now and get many discounts if your big group!

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  • Kuta Beach Is an Icon in Bali
    30 August 2019

    If we hear the word Bali, what is on our minds is a beautiful beach. Bali is one of the names of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia.

    Bali is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world spend their holidays on this island nicknamed the Island of the Gods. Bali is indeed interesting to see from various sides.

    Not only natural conditions are very beautiful, but this island also has a rich tradition and culture. No wonder tourists, both local and foreign, come incessantly to admire the cultural and natural beauty of these gods.

    The beach is the object most favored by tourists during a visit to Bali. Beaches in Bali are indeed famous for their beauty. This is inseparable from the geographical location of Bali, which is flanked by two oceans. Of the many beaches on this island, there is one beach that is always crowded by travelers: Kuta Beach.

    Kuta Beach is located in the western part of Bali Island, precisely in Kuta District, Badung Regency. One of the things that make this beach always crowded, other than because of its beauty, is because of its strategic location. Kuta Beach is located not far from Ngurah Rai International Airport. From the airport to the beach, the trip only takes about 15 minutes.

    The travel time will increase very long at certain times, such as in the holiday season between July-September. During this period, the road to Kuta Beach will be filled with queues of cars.

    And besides, on Kuta beach, there is one beach that is famous for its water sports namely Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua Bali. Now if you are curious to play water sports, you can order now.

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  • Jamie Foy’s New Shoe and Part with New Balance
    21 August 2019
    Jamie Foy Unveils First New Balance Numeric Pro Model With This New Part

    Skater of the Year 2018 and Island Water Sports team rider, Jamie Foy, just released his first pro model with New Balance Numeric called the 306. It is available in two colorways, “Black/White” and “Green/Red,” with both featuring a contrasting white vulcanized sole unit and selling out around the US.

    Jamie  became an official rider for New Balance Numeric in October 2018.

    Jamie’s 306 model is built tough to withstand anything Jamie can throw at them. Working together during the entire design process, Jamie and New Balance designed the Numeric 306. It is a low-profile skate shoe built on an updated vulcanized herringbone sole for grip and durability.



    Features of the New Balance Jamie Foy 306 Pro Shoes:

    1. Elastic gusseted tongue for a snug fit.
    2. Internal hidden toe protection for added durability.
    3. Tapered crating in heel for weight reduction with pliable lasting board for support. Minimal forefoot rubber for enhanced board feel.
    4. Closed cell poly urethane (PU) insert protection provides super impact protection and consistent fit
    5. Genuine Gum rubber or Ndurance rubber outsole for superior grip and durability.


    Jamie’s Newest Banger




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