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19 August 2019

Golf Blogs
  • TecTecTec Hires Constance Mitchell as Marketing Manager
    19 August 2019
    (Vannes, France) – TecTecTec – maker of technologically-advanced yet affordable laser rangefinders for golf, which are Amazon’s No. 1 category seller – names Constance Mitchell as Marketing Manager, a role where she will focus on continued brand development initiatives, as well as creating captivating campaigns and engagement strategies within the U.S.

    Constance Mitchell
    Mitchell has more than 12 years of experience driving successful campaigns, most recently serving as Marketing Coordinator for The JNE Group of Companies, a multi-disciplinary engineering and construction firm serving many major industries around the world. She is also a Registered Graphic Designer and professionally published illustrator.

    “Constance is a talented, enthusiastic and technologically sophisticated marketing expert and the ideal candidate to take our brand to the next level,” says Renan Lore, Director and Founder of TecTecTec. “Our affordable and accurate rangefinders have built a large and rapidly growing following over the past several years and the momentum we’ve built is only increasing.”

    TecTecTec is comprised of a highly talented team of industrial engineers, who are devoted to helping customers save money while providing access to some of the most tech-forward products in golf. Among the most popular laser rangefinder models are:
    VPRO500 (S) - The best-selling, water resistant VPRO500 is accurate within one yard, features 6x magnification, and can lock onto a flag up to 540 yards away. The “S” variant includes an optional slope function to calculate elevation-adjusted distances.
    ULT-X - The company’s most advanced model features Target Lock Technology (TLT), which vibrates when a target is identified, as well as optional slope function. Advanced optics and state-of-the-art components provide exceptional clarity and the most precise distance readings of any rangefinder on the market – accurate plus or minus 0.3 yards up to 300 yards.

    All TecTecTec models are engineered with an ultra-clear, multilayered optical lens and multiple scanning modes to help golfers in any situation. These include: Pinsensor measures overlapping targets including flagsticks and wooded areas, Target Priority displays distance of the closest subject, and Scan Mode helps read distances to hazards. Additionally, all TecTecTec rangefinders are equipped with a CR2 battery, wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth and quick-start guide for easy setup.

    More information: Get social at and follow @TecTecTecUSA on Instagram.
  • Crystal Downs Country Club.
    19 August 2019

    The name Crystal Downs was bestowed on the course by Benjamin P. Merrick, a Grand Rapids lawyer who first visited the site in 1926 and, with Mr. Ewing, likened the view from the hilltop where the clubhouse now stands to an English “downs.”

    Following rapid construction of a nine-hole course on the property that opened for play in mid-1927, Mr. Ewing regretfully recognized that the course design did not do justice to the uniqueness of the land that had so inspired his dream from that first glimpse on his hiking trip in 1912. That realization prompted Mr. Ewing to write a lengthy letter to Robert Hunter, who had just published a book on golf course architecture. Mr. Hunter put Mr. Ewing in touch with Dr. Alister MacKenzie, who was just finishing work on Cypress Point Golf Club in California and starting his journey home to England. Through now unquestioned powers of persuasion, Mr. Ewing was able to detour Dr. MacKenzie and his associate, Perry Maxwell, on their train trip from the west to east coast into the hinterlands of northern Michigan. On their way by car from the train station in Grand Rapids north, Dr. MacKenzie at first exhibited little interest and seemed more annoyed than enthused by the diversion. But Mr. Ewing wisely exited the main road straight north and completed the trip to Frankfort along the winding and scenic Lake Michigan coastline. The dunesland along the lake quickly changed Dr. MacKenzie’s attitude, and upon arriving at the Crystal Downs site, Dr. MacKenzie had an instant impression of near perfection for golf, and his newly found enthusiasm prompted him to delay his sail back to London. For roughly ten days, he worked feverishly with Mr. Maxwell, selecting the course routing, painting green complexes and creating the eighteen-hole design that remains essentially unchanged today. Mr. Maxwell returned in the spring to supervise the commencement of the course construction, and subsequently returned each summer, living in a farm house aside what is now the 8th fairway, until 1933 when the back nine was finally completed.

    The course was designed to use the natural, hilly terrain as the basis for the layout, with no artificial features. The minor earth-moving needed was accomplished by use of a pond sledge and a team of mules, which treasured photographs show Mr. Maxwell directing in his characteristic oil skin long coat and wide brimmed hat.

    The English cottage style clubhouse graces one of the highest points of property, overlooking both Crystal Lake and Lake Michigan. The building was designed by Grand Rapids architect Alexander McColl, who also designed a number of unique homes on the club grounds and in Frankfort. The clubhouse officially opened with a party on July 4, 1929.

    Until the mid-1980s, Crystal Downs often was referred to as Michigan’s “hidden gem.” Its somewhat remote location and rather small membership kept the course out of the limelight of some of MacKenzie’s more notable designs at Augusta National, Cypress Point and Royal Melbourne in Australia. That lack of notoriety changed in 1986, though, when a young Ben Crenshaw took a day off from the Buick Open to fly on a private jet to Frankfort and experience Crystal Downs with a local acquaintance. Ben went on to win that year’s Buick Open, and he followed his victory with public comments and articles about his great time at Crystal Downs and his admiration for the course design. The club’s history since that time has been followed by golf enthusiasts around the globe, and the course has been privileged to be ranked highly in numerous top 100 lists of several respected publications. In 1997, Crystal Downs became a founding club member of the Alister MacKenzie Society, an international organization purpose of which is the preservation of Dr. MacKenzie’s writings, course designs and related historical material.


  • Peterhof Golf Club
    19 August 2019

    Prestigious place for holding golf tournaments, international level events, informal and business meetings. Comfortable conditions for playing golf.


  • All It Take Is One Shot
    19 August 2019
    This is an overused statement that many golfers falsely think will change their fortunes. It always takes more than one shot the change the outcome of a round. I can tell you from experience that it takes several shots in a row to really make a difference in our score. However, there is a requirement …
  • It was my dogs third birthday last Tuesday. So treated myself to a new to me driver
    19 August 2019
  • Medinah No. 3 Was Easily One Of The PGA Tour's Easiest Courses In 2019
    19 August 2019

    It’s 7,615 yards and forever known as one of America’s sternest, if severely bland at times, championship courses. No one in their right mind wanted to play Medinah with money on the line.

    At least, that was before golfers started traveling with their Peloton’s, harvesting their own pumpkin seeds and getting 8 hours of sleep every night to become the world’s most superior athletes.

    Medinah’s successful hosting of the 2019 BMW Championship may go down as the tournament studied to determine if equipment and technology have just chipped away too much at skill. Yes, it’s in immaculate condition, the course took on nearly two inches of rain during the week and the best golfers on the planet descended with their game’s in that August sweet spot where they hit it longer and better than at any point of the year.

    Still, consider that just 69 players a day were going around the place and they averaged 69.928, placing Medinah near the bottom of PGA Tour courses in terms of difficulty (see above jpg), ahead of just six courses. (Imagine telling someone in 1990 that PGA West Stadium and Medinah would be among the easiest courses PGA Tour players saw all year.)

    Some comparisons, and remember the first two rounds of the 2019 BWM featured half as many players as the 1999 and 2006 PGA Championships at Medinah.

    1999 PGA 73.524 scoring average

    2006 PGA: 72.635 average

    2019 BWM: 69.928 average

    In 1999, the par-5 5th played to a 4.766 average, with 2 eagles, 154 birdies.

    In 2006, it went down to a 4.567 average, and yielded 12 eagles and 209 birdies.

    In 2019 the fifth averaged 4.304, yielded 21 eagles and 155 birdies even with only a 69-player field.

    On the back nine, in 1999 the 607-yard 14th averaged 4.926, with 3 eagles, 103 birdies

    2006: 4.951 with 3 eagles and 109 birdies

    2019: 4.790 4 eagles 80 birdies, again with a greatly reduced field.

    The most bizarre BMW stat for a course of Medinah’s once-vaunted difficulty: teh par-3 8th was the sixth most difficult hole, with a 2.986 scoring average.

  • The Volvik ball pit at the store today.
    19 August 2019
  • 2019 US President's Cup team
    19 August 2019
  • Just another high tee box
    19 August 2019
  • And Then Donald Said To Fred, Jay And Pete...
    19 August 2019

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19 August 2019

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