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21 October 2019

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  • Jennifer Lawrence Marries Cook Maroney in Lavish Rhode Island Ceremony
    21 October 2019

    On Saturday, Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence wed boyfriend Cook Maroney in an elaborate ceremony in Rhode Island. Their engagement was announced back in February.

    The wedding comes after months of speculation that the pair had previously wed in secret. However there was no hiding these nuptials with some of Hollywood’s biggest names descending upon Belcourt of Newport to watch the pair officially tie the knot. The house was built in 1894 by famed architect Richard Morris Hunt and was inspired by Louis XIII’s hunting lodge at Versailles.

    Emma Stone, Sienna Miller, Amy Schumer, Kris Jenner, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie and Adele are amongst the confirmed guests who attended the weekend. Interestingly, Ashley Olsen was also one of the 150 guests.

    Lawrence and Maroney held a clambake for guests on Friday on Rose Island for their rehearsal dinner, it is reported. This came after the pair arrived in Rhode Island via private jet around midday.

    According to People, Lawrence wore Dior for the big day, which is unsurprising given the actress’ long-standing relationship with the French luxury house.

    There have been no official images shared of the dress as yet. Lawrence doesn’t have Instagram (or at least that we know of…) so we suspect it will be Dior that unveils the dress in the coming days.

    Early paparazzi photos show the Hunger Games actress sporting a dress with dazzling sequin detailing at the neck and a chic updo.

    Maria Grazia Chiuri is fast becoming the go-to wedding dress designer for some of the world’s most stylish women with Miranda Kerr, Chiara Ferragni and Karlie Kloss all having worn designs by the French couturier.

    Karlie Kloss recently shared a video on Instagram showing off her dress on the one year anniversary of her wedding to Josh Kushner.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) on Oct 18, 2019 at 10:17am PDT

    Stay tuned for more.

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  • 3 Most Popular Blazers for Men 2019
    21 October 2019

    Blazers are the most convenient elements of fashion for men that are looking for a versatile style. It is acceptable to wear blazers at most work places and can then be carried forwards to parties, dinners, dates and any outings. Men receive a lot of attention in blazers because it is a symbol of confidence and elegance. It is the elitist look! While there are several options to pick from like your classic grey to navy and maybe tweed and herringbone blazers, here we will only discuss what is new in 2019!

    1. The Royal Look

    Royalty has always been associated to some of the best jackets and blazers in the world. Royals do nothing wrong and we only wish we had their “spoilt for choice” wardrobe. There was a time when only Royals could don the best outfits but now so can you. This season is all about elegant work and embroidered blazers. This is surely a more luxurious and heavy style that is ideal for the events when you need all the attention to be on yourself!

    You can pick a blazer with as light or as heavy work on it as you prefer. This is definitely not a versatile blazer that can be worn for any and every occasion. It is a very unique look for only the most special occasions. Tailored blazers fit to your size with customized work on it will be the ideal choice. However, there are several luxury fashion houses involved in such blazers as well.

    2. The Designs, Colors and Patterns

    2019 has been a year of acceptance, love, colors and expression. This sentiment has been dragged onto the fashion world as well. You will find striped, checkered blazers, floral prints and even if plain blazers, but in colors such as baby pink or cobalt blue. Such blazers are sure to catch every eye and elevate your daytime look to a level where you stand alone in your unique style surrounded by spectators in awe of your style!

    If you feel shy to go full swing with brightly colored loud and floral patterned blazer, you may as well opt for a sage or a cobalt blue blazer. These colors are definitely more subtle and comfortable to pair. These are more of daytime casual summer blazers as opposed to strict solids.

    3. The Modern Cuts

    We saw a wide variety of cuts and fits on the 2019 spring-summer runway. You have lose blazers, long blazers, uneven fit and cut blazers, blazers that combine multiple cuts styles and colors! These looks are most definitely unique and require a lot of confidence to pull off. But it is worth all the efforts because it will give you a unique look! These blazers are not versatile because they can only be worn for informal occasions and parties. However, about time you amplify your wardrobe and pull off a more unique style statement!

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  • All the Best Gossip From Jennifer Lawrence's Wedding and Reception
    21 October 2019
  • 3 Reasons To Visit Charleston In The Fall
    21 October 2019
    I could always come up with an excuse to visit Charleston but fall may be the best time to experience…
  • How Kim Kardashian Celebrated Her 39th Birthday in Palm Springs: Dinner With Kylie Jenner, Pool Lounging, and Shopping
    21 October 2019
  • Cute Halloween Gift Ideas For Women
    21 October 2019
  • Every Girl’s Guide to Buying Vintage
    21 October 2019

    Buying vintage can be tough but there is nothing quite like a good vintage find.

    When I was in New York for Fashion Week, I stopped by What Goes Around Comes Around, a luxury vintage store that basically felt like I died and went to heaven.

    From the hyper-curated selection of vintage coats to the walls of color-coded Chanel bags, I was in pure awe of the beauty. This experience inspired be to create a post discussing the top tips for scouting out the perfect vintage finds.

    Know The Source

    First thing’s first, it is critical to know where your pieces are coming from and that they’re legit. It is so easy to buy fakes, so my number one rule is only shop vintage at a place I trust.

    Places like What Goes Around Comes Around or 1stdibs are wonderful because you know that everything is sourced from the top places and they only house the best vintage around. Additionally, you can shop online, which is a wonderful resource if you aren’t in New York or Los Angeles.

    Be Patient

    When I was in New York this past month, I was completely overwhelmed {in a good way}. I only had a short amount of time to browse around before heading to my next show of Fashion Week. While I had my eyes set on a couple items, I knew this wasn’t the type of decision I should hastily make.

    When investing in a vintage piece, it is crucial to shop around and find exactly what you are looking for. On the flip side, when you find that piece, you’ve got to snag it right away as good finds go so fast!

    Know its Worth

    Our tastes change, so it’s imperative to be able to resell your vintage finds if you no longer are loving them. The great thing about vintage is if you find something valuable and maintain its quality, it will oftentimes increase in value over time. While it is of course most important to love the piece no matter the brand, style, or future value, knowing the worth of the product will indicate if you’re making a worthwhile investment.

    Size & Fit

    It is so important to remember that when you are looking for clothes, sizes on vintage are often different than they currently run today. Don’t dismiss an item based on the size on the tag, but rather the fit on your own body. On this note, fit is everything when it comes making your investment worthwhile, so make sure you love the way it looks in the fitting room.

    Shop While Traveling

    One of the best times to shop for vintage is while you’re away from home. Not only does it widen the array of possibilities, but it allows you to forever associate that special purchase with your experience, which I find so special.

    Know How {And Be Willing to} Take Care of Your Pieces

    Whether it’s a velvet handbag or a shearling coat, it is critical to properly store and clean your vintage pieces. A good vintage store will know exactly how you should take care of your new purchase.

    Enjoy the Experience

    Even though I didn’t end up making a purchase while I was in New York, the experience as a whole was so fun. It’s great getting inspiration from vintage stores and curating a wishlist for the future.

    Do you have any tips for scouting out the best vintage finds? Comment below!

  • Trucco Halloween da Zombie: un make up alternativo e last minute
    21 October 2019

    Party Halloween last minute? Ecco il trucco Halloween da Zombie

    Se siete state invitate all’ultimo momento ad un party dedicato a Halloween e non sapete come mascherarvi e truccarvi, eccovi la soluzione perfetta. Gli zombie sono tornati in città (e forse è anche colpa del successo della serie TV “The Walking Dead”.
    Per il costume vi basterà indossare abiti rotti e stropicciati, mentre per i capelli sporcateli con lacca e prodotti per lo styling. Infine per il make-up ecco un tutorial molto facile da seguire.

    Photo credit: @pinterest @MaryPonce


    Come realizzare un trucco Halloween da Zombie

    Gli zombie sono creature che risorgono e ritornano dal mondo dei morti. Inoltre sono creature spaventose molto famose e conosciute da secoli con un aspetto sinistro e terrificante.
    Molte persone vogliono imitare queste terrificanti creature attraverso il trucco e non è sempre facile. Se volete ricreare un trucco semplice, la prima cosa è avere tutti i materiali necessari a portata di mano. Una base bianca, ombretti di diversi colori e pennelli.

    Base del trucco bianca e ombretti scuri 

    Sulla pelle del viso detersa applicate la base bianca. Una volta che si sarà asciugata, usate ombretti neri, marroni o viola opachi per creare le ombre che vi faranno apparire morti viventi. Sfumateli nella zona del contorno occhi (fino a sopra lo zigomo), come blush ma scendendo oltre lo zigomo e contornate tutto il viso. Accentuate anche le occhiaie e le sopracciglia. Se volete dare un effetto ancora più macabro, usate l’ombretto color verde acido o viola. Ma ricordate che è importante che siano tonalità opache.

    Photo credit: @pinterest @stylecaster


    “Labbra cucite” per il trucco Halloween da Zombie

    Il trucco labbra è molto semplice e per realizzarlo vi basterà usare un rossetto bianco (oppure la base bianca che avete usato per il viso ma con più cappe) e una matita nera e una rossa.
    Iniziate delineando le labbra con la matita nera e sfumatela leggermente. In seguito applicate il rossetto o base bianca. Infine disegnate delle linee verticali che partano dal labbro superiore fino a quello inferiore (l’idea è di ricreare il filo con cui in teoria le labbra sono state cucite).

    Ed ecco il make-up pronto. Se poi siete brave a disegnare, potrete renderlo ancora più elaborato ricreando macchie di sangue sulla fronte o la guancia.

    Vi aspetto sul blog per mostrarvi le miglior matite labbra per il makeup provate quest’anno.

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  • Black Suit Halloween Costumes for Guys
    21 October 2019

    Real talk here: Halloween is my favorite holiday. I would honestly give up all other holidays for Halloween every month, and I would never get bored of it. While I’m big (BIG!) into costumes, I hate the idea of buying something to only wear once, and even buying something specifically for a Halloween costume kind […] Read More

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  • Trucco Halloween Vampira: come farlo step by step!
    21 October 2019

    Trucco Halloween da Vampira: come farlo passo dopo passo in modo semplice e d’effetto

    Ormai la festa “più paurosa” dell’anno si avvicina e abbiamo pensato di proporvi uno dei make-up più apprezzati per questa celebrazione, ovvero il trucco Halloween da Vampira!
    Quindi se volete “convertirvi” in una temibile vampira il prossimo 31 ottobre, ecco una guida “passo dopo passo” semplice ed efficace.

    Per realizzarlo avrete bisogno di una base trucco più chiara del vostro incarnato, ombretti e polvere bianca per fissare la base, ombretti neri e rossi, matita nera e rossetto rosso. Per questo tipo di make-up i pennelli sono molto utili.

    Innanzitutto, procediamo ad applicare la base per il trucco su tutto il viso. È importante che sia più chiara della tonalità della nostra pelle. Non è necessario fare alcun tipo di correzione, ma solo stendere la base in modo uniforme su tutto il viso. Se il costume che metterete è scollato, allora applicatelo anche sul collo. Tamponate con una polvere bianca per fissare la base e passiamo a delineare.

    Photo credit: @pinterest


    Dopo la base chiara, iniziamo a disegnare con la matita nera

    Con una matita nera, creeremo la punta a picco (un triangolo rovesciato), caratteristico di Dracula o dei vampiri, sulla fronte alla nascita dei capelli. Una volta disegnato con la matita, dovrete riempirlo con un’ombra nera opaca o con la stessa matita nera. Disegnatelo appena sotto l’attaccatura dei capelli in modo da poter poi riempire il triangolo che avremo disegnato più facilmente. Con la stessa matita si disegna una riga dritta sotto l’osso dello zigomo (se usate un pennello piatto, sarà molto più facile). Sfumate con il dito leggermente senza appesantire per evitare macchie nere. Applicate un blush il più rosso possibile (potete usare anche un ombretto rosso).
    Dovrete metterlo sfumando appena sopra la riga nera che avete disegnato sotto lo zigomo.

    Photo credit: @pinterest @AlmanaquedaMulher


    Trucco Halloween da Vampira: Occhi scuri e bocca rossa

    Usate l’ombretto nero per truccare gli occhi.  Iniziate con la palpebra mobile e superate leggermente oltre la piega. Sulla palpebra inferiore dovrete applicare l’ombretto ma sfumandolo delicatamente. Con un altro pennello prendete un po’ di ombretto rosso e passatelo sopra l’ombretto nero creando un semicerchio. A questo punto dovrete solo delineare con la matita nera e applicare varie cappe di mascara.

    Per le labbra invece dovrete fare due passaggi. Prima delineate con la matita nera e sfumatela con la punta del dito anulare. Applicate quindi un rossetto rosso matte o viola e passate a disegnare “il sangue”.

    Photo credit: @pinterest


    L’ultimo dettaglio per un trucco Halloween da Vampira perfetto è il sangue che scivola dagli angoli della bocca. Quindi prendete il pennello per le labbra e disegnate alcune linee sottili, non diritte.
    Se volete un risultato ancora più d’impatto, “pitturate” i denti laterali (canini) con il rossetto rosso.

    Nei prossimi giorni troverete sul mio blog altre idee di costumi per Halloween.

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