22 August 2019

  • German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix – A Loyal, Intelligent Companion
    22 August 2019

    Are you looking for a unique dog to join your family that’s intelligent, powerful, and protective? The German Shepherd Rottweiler mix might be just the dog for you. The […]

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  • Dog Eye Infection Home Remedies: A Guide to Symptoms and Treatments
    22 August 2019

    Updated August 20, 2019 Our furry friends occasionally suffer from a dog eye infection and other eye-related problems. Many of the most common problems, such as pink eye, cataracts, […]

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  • The 13 BEST Dog Pools For Pups of All Sizes Revealed [2019 Reviews & FAQs]
    22 August 2019
    It's a hot day. You're in the pool. The kids are in the pool. Is your pup in the pool? He’d probably like to be too.The summer can be far less fun for dogs than it is for humans. They get hot and bothered and sweating isn't something they can do to cool off. What […]
  • AKC Most Popular Dog Breeds
    22 August 2019

    The top ten most popular dog breeds per the AKC from the past 17 years show the strength of the Labrador Retriever and the rise of the French Bulldog and German Shorthaired Pointers in U.S. households during recent years...

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  • Aug 21, Dog Leashes: What Type of Lead Does Your Dog Need?
    22 August 2019
    Overwhelmed by the number of dog leashes on the market today? Here's a breakdown of the various types and recommendations for what's right for your dog.
  • Man Arrested for Rushing Into Burning Home to Rescue His Dog
    21 August 2019

    Of course, nearly any dog lover would put themselves at risk to save their dog’s life. However, Jarrod Martin was punished for this very action. Instead of being cheered on for saving his furry friend, he was immediately put in handcuffs.

    When a fire started at Martin’s house in Memphis, Tennessee, firefighters came to the scene immediately. They helped everyone out of the burning building, but they left one important family member behind: Martin’s dog, Bishop.


    Martin could see Bishop through the glass door on the patio with flames surrounding him. The firefighters assured him that they would rescue his poor pup, but after nearly a half hour of waiting, Martin couldn’t take it anymore. He knew if he didn’t act fast, Bishop would die.


    Despite the warnings of the officers, Martin broke through the police barriers and rushed to Bishop. He broke the glass and was able to bring the dog to safety. While many of his friends and family saw him as a hero for this amazing task, the firefighters and police officers greatly disagreed.

    Martin was charged with two misdemeanors for reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. However, even though he put himself and the firefighters in danger despite the instructions of the officers, Bishop’s life was saved, and that was most important to Martin. If he had waited any longer, then his best friend probably would not have survived the fire. 

    “I wasn’t gonna sit there and watch him burn to death when I knew I had a chance to get him,” Martin told news reporters.


    Not only was Martin relieved to see that Bishop survived the fire, but his other family members, especially his daughter, were overjoyed at the sight of this bold rescue. Even though Martin’s good intentions ended up getting him in trouble, he didn’t regret it, and I’m sure any other dog lover in this situation would feel the same.


    Saving a dog from a fire is a risky situation, but watching your best friend die is just not an option. Martin, like many other dog lovers, decided that Bishop’s life was worth it no matter the cost. Dogs deserve to be saved from these situations just as much as people do.

    H/T: Man Rescues His Dog From Building Fire

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  • Exclusive Preview: Underdog Park, the Indoor Dog Park + All The Things We’ve Always Wanted
    21 August 2019

    Just when we thought we were lucky as pup to have ONE indoor dog park coming to the Minneapple, we’ve got a second: Underdog Park in southeast Minneapolis. Opening this fall, it’s gonna be 20,000+ square feet of doggo oasis, making it Minnesota’s largest indoor dog park and boy oh boy are we drooling over ALLLLL the amenities this place has to offer:

    • A designated dog park area for smol woofers (cute)
    • A restaurant (featuring pug–er, pub fare)
    • An outdoor patio (sun!)
    • An in-house doggy daycare (because your dog’s gonna wanna stay longer)
    • Full-service grooming (for doggy date nights)
    • Self-wash stations (DIY fancy)
    • Space for a taproom coming soon (featuring local beers)
    • Space for an onsite vet (woof to the vets: snap this the pup up)

    And for all you displaced Rosedale Center walkers, word on the sidewalk is there’ll be an indoor walking trail. Get your pedometers ready. This winter’s gonna be fit.

    Stay tuned: We’ll share blueprints for the space, crowdfunding info, and other deets just as soon as we can get out paws on ‘em!

    Wanna be the first to know everything about this place and get exclusive deals? Sign up for Underdog Park’s email list:

    Create your own user feedback survey

    (Photo by on Pexels)

    Fetch our Twin Cities Summer Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass and our Twin Cities Dog-Friendly Treat Pass. Then, sniff out our award-winning newsletter and Instagram, and join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Woman Leaves Dog in Hot Car, Officer Gets Justice in Ironically Named Town
    21 August 2019

    It was a warm day just two hours south of Albuquerque, New Mexico when a police officer was dispatched to a local supermarket to investigate a dog left a hot car. When Officer Kreischer arrived on the scene, in the ironically named town of Truth or Consequences, he found a dog with no air conditioning and no ventilation. As temperatures soared over 90 degrees that day, Officer Kreischer knew he had to act fast.

    A Hero With a Heart

    The pup’s owner, Shelly Nicholas, can be seen in the officer’s bodycam footage with her significant other and a child as they meander out of the store with their groceries.

    “It’s 90 degrees! You keep a dog with no ventilation in there?” Officer Kreishcher scolded the woman as she approached.

    The footage then shows Nicholas arguing with the officer, imploring him to “feel the interior” of the car.  She laughed as the officer explained the direness of the situation. Officer Kreischer consulted a chart and determined the internal temperature of the car was equal to 114 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Nicholas was issued a misdemeanor animal cruelty citation but better yet, Officer Kreischer had a bigger lesson planned.

    The dog-loving officer advised Nicholas, “Since it’s not hot, it’s cool, just sit in the car and wait.”

    Shelly Nicholas reached out to her local news station to ask them to investigate her own complaint of the officer’s so-called abuse. This backfired for Nicholas, rightly so.

    Officer Kreischer told KOB News that this wasn’t an order, but he implied that it was simply a suggestion since they were good enough conditions for her dog.

    Why do dogs overheat so quickly?

    The way dogs cool down is entirely different from humans and what might feel comfortable to us, can be catastrophic to them. Humans have sweat glands throughout our entire body and the evaporation of our sweat from these glands is what cools us down. Dogs, on the other hand, don’t have nearly as many sweat glands as us and therefore have a much more difficult time adapting to the heat.

    Dogs primarily cool themselves through the evaporation of liquid off their tongue, manifested as panting. As My Dog is Cool points out, this can actually speed up a dog overheating in a hot car because a dog’s breath is typically 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, not only is excessive panting incredibly stressful for the dog, but they are actually heating the car faster with the air they exhale.

    According to PETA, animals can suffer brain damage or die within 15 minutes of being inside a hot car.

    What would you do?

    Here are some tips.

    • Write down or take a picture of the car’s make, model, color and license plate number.
    • Go into the nearest store and ask for the owner to be paged.
    • Contact local emergency personnel. Both fire departments and police officers carry equipment to safely gain access to a locked car.
    • Have water and cool air ready for the dog, if possible. If you can, put a wet towel or piece of clothing on the dog to help cool them faster.
    • Get the dog to a vet as soon as possible.
    • As a last resort, only if help is taking too long and the dog’s condition becomes dire, take action to get the dog out safely. Be aware, you may be responsible for any damage done to the car. Laws vary depending on location and it is always best to leave a situation like this to first responders.

    H/T: KOB News

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  • Enter To Win A Chance For A Months Supply Of Free Food For Your Dog. And Your Favorite Shelter!
    21 August 2019

    Who doesn’t love the idea of feeding shelter dogs? Well, here’s your chance to not only feed them, but to provide them with warm blankets and fun toys. Need more? How about a 30-day supply of super healthy dog food for your pup? Done. and “I and love and you” are partnering up for this limited time giveaway.

    Simply fill out the form below, and you’re entered. It’s so simple you could have your dog do it!

    What’s In It For You? Great Question!

    One lucky winner will get to share a whole lot of love with their favorite shelter! “I and love and you” will donate a months supply of high quality, healthy dog food to a shelter of the winner’s choice. Still need another reason to enter? In addition, iHeartDogs will also be donating fleece blankets and BetterBall toys to the winning shelter. Food, fleece and fun – that’s a winning trifecta for shelter dogs!

    If that weren’t enough, the winner will also receive a months supply of  “I and love and you” dog food and Top That Meal Enhancers. Made with real, healthy ingredients, it’s the perfect addition to any dog food. Plus, iHeartDogs will be sending along a fleece blanket and BetterBall for your little furry friend.

    Video Below Shows iHeartDogs Shelter Drop of Blankets Bringing Comfort to The Shelter Dogs!

    You’re still on the fence? Well, we have one more great reason for you to enter!

    Guaranteed Win for Shelter Dogs

    For each and every person who enters the giveaway, “I and love and you” will donate a meal to the winners shelter of choice and feature the shelter on their site in October. Imagine all the pups we could feed. 

    “I and love and you” is the official kibble partner of iHeartDogs. We love the high quality, real ingredients they use in all their dog foods.  You’ll love them because their food is healthy for your dog. Your dog will love them because of the great taste. No fillers. All love. So much love.

    With all this love going around, we’d like to share it with you, so enter for your chance to win now!  Contest ends August 26th at 12:00AM PST. So get to typing and start thinking about all the happy shelter dogs you could feed!

    Here’s some legal stuff from the legal stiff, we mean, staff: You must be 18 years or older to enter. Open to US residents only. You can only enter 1 time to win. Sound fair?

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  • Abandoned By His Family, Your IHD Purchases Saved Kilo From Certain Death
    21 August 2019

    Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.

    Kilo was about 5-years-old when his owners surrendered him to a Mississippi kill shelter. Although the 100+ pound Akita mix never showed any signs of aggression, they feared he may accidentally harm their grandchildren.

    Sadly, Kilo was diagnosed with heartworm disease at the shelter. Without rescue, this would mean a death sentence.

    Thanks to a grant from funded by the iHeartDogs community, the rescue group Animal Lifeline was able to give Kilo a “second chance” at life.

    The folks from Second Chance Movement took Kilo and several other at-risk pups on a freedom ride to find their forever homes. Kilo now has a loving family and is beginning heartworm treatment with an excellent prognosis!

    “The grant allowed us to save not just Kilo on this transport but about 14 others that will have the second chance that they deserve.” – Animal Lifeline

    When you purchase items from the Second Chance Movement collection from the iHeartDogs store, you’re funding miles to freedom and life for pets like Kilo!

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