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22 August 2019

SEO blogs
  • Can't fetch sitemap.xml?
    22 August 2019

    Any reason why Google Search Console can't fetch my websites .xml file? I run a Shopify website, I simply pointed Google search console towards the .xml. It's been about 2 - 3 weeks now, still can't fetch the file.

    What's going on here?

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  • Do blog posts rank higher when they're proofread?
    22 August 2019

    Hey everyone!

    I'm a proofreader who's doing some market research, and I'm wondering how beneficial it really is for bloggers to have their sites proofread when it comes to SEO. Does having proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation help posts rank higher in Google?


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  • Crawled by GoogleBot Mobile Version
    22 August 2019

    Good Day,

    I have a Website which has since creation only the main page in the Serps and no other subdirectories.

    Today it was crawled again according to google Webmaster by GoogleBot Mobile Version, though nothing changed in the Serps (not even when i do the search via Mobile), do i need to wait til its crawled by the Desktop Version of GoogleBot ?

    Also the Site has no crawling errors, that as well.

    Thx in advance for the help.

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  • Social Media For Link Building
    22 August 2019

    Hey. Has anybody tried using their social media communities for building links? If they have what kinda returns have you seen?

    All link building strategies involve communicating with somebody else and getting them to link to you. So in that way they’re all basically the same. I’m wondering if social media is a better channel for connecting with people and asking for links.

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  • Belkins Case: How Serpstat Helps Us Find And Qualify Leads
    22 August 2019
  • How Voucher and Comparison Platforms use Publishers to Generate Huge Google Reach
    22 August 2019

    If you use Google to search for a shopping voucher code or a product comparison, then you’ll often find that the top-ranked sites include publishers who have integrated white label solutions from large comparison or voucher platforms. This looks like a win-win for both parties – but criticism is growing, with doubts being cast over […]

    The post How Voucher and Comparison Platforms use Publishers to Generate Huge Google Reach appeared first on Searchmetrics SEO & Content Marketing Blog.

  • Keywords research for blog content
    21 August 2019

    I am starting a blog and I was wondering how to do keyword research. I can't find any free tools to start or how to exactly do it has a beginner. Does someone has any tips?

    Thanks you.

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  • Outbound links for niche companies
    21 August 2019

    Hello, I'm looking for some help finding relevant and useful outbound links. I'm searching for links to place on a services page for a concrete contracting company. Everything I find is either a blog written by a competitor, or the site has multiple advertisements for competitors. Is it of any use to just link to WIKI articles? I'm just wondering how others find relevant and useful outbound links in situations like this. Thank you!

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  • Two separate websites or one website?
    21 August 2019

    Hey there, quick question. Doing some SEO for a friend of mine who runs a cold-pressed juicing business and is also on the way to becoming a personal trainer. He has a website for his cold-pressed juices but is also in the process of creating a separate website for his personal training services. Would it be better to have one website with his brand offering his personal training services coupled with his cold-pressed juices or should he keep the two separate websites? In my un-expert opinion, I think the former would help him rank better. Can I get a quick, expert-opinion, please?

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  • What Is a Social Media Manager? A Guide for Small Business Owners
    21 August 2019

    by Robert Clough

    As a small business owner, you've probably heard it a million times: social media is where it's at. Whoever's telling you that is not wrong.

    The question is, where do you start? Do you build your brand one platform at a time? Do you start with product posts? Do you advertise your recent blog posts? 

    If you feel overwhelmed, then join the legions of business owners in the same boat. To save your sinking ship, there's a pivotal person who can help you raise your sails: a social media manager.   

    So, what is a social media manager? Your new captain! Let's talk about the many ways they can help you grow your business. 

    What Do Social Media Managers Do? 

    Social media managers represent your brand across several different platforms. Of course, the heavy hitters are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

    Through their posts and interactions with others on social media, they have the ability to optimize your brand's awareness, direct more people to your website, and turn those site visitors into tried and true customers. 

    Here are some of their primary responsibilities: 

    • Curate visually appealing posts that represent your company's brand 
    • Market posts so they get shared and reshared across several platforms
    • Moderate posts and interact with users
    • Forge partnerships with other brands
    • Collect and analyze data to maximize brand awareness

    If that sounds like a lot, it's because it is! Social media managers wear many hats, as do most marketers. But, if you think about it, we can fall in love with brands simply by scrolling past one of their pictures on Instagram. 

    What Skills Should They Possess? 

    If you know a Social Media Manager is on your horizon, it's important they're properly trained and skilled (not just social media aficionados).

    Here are some key skills to look out for: 

    • Expertise in web analytics systems and social metrics
    • Knowledge of ROI analysis systems, conversion systems, and social media KPIs
    • Thorough understanding of common SEO practices, including how to boost blogs
    • Skill in Photoshop and other editors
    • Experience blogging and developing websites

    Basically, you're looking for a tech-savvy individual who knows their way around web platforms, digital imagery, and social media management.

    If you find someone with a bubbly personality who loves people and can fire up a keyboard, you're one step closer to a branding takeover! 

    You want someone creative who can come up with a company name like Ignite Digital, or Indistrus, or Shopify. If creativity is their sweet spot, then you've just found your new hotshot. 

    What Is a Social Media Manager? Your BFF

    The next time someone on your team asks you, "What is a social media manager?" tell them they're your BFF, your one true love, and your soul mate. They're going to cast the net wide and lure in new customers from far and wide. 

    If you're a small business looking to take things up a notch, we hope you'll continue to come on over and visit our blog. We're your small business guide to search marketing and we can assure you this: hiring a social media manager is an investment you'll never regret.

    Be sure and visit our small business news site.

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Cyber Security Blogs

22 August 2019

Cyber Security Blogs
  • Download Brave Browser Earn Cryptocurrency
    22 August 2019

    Brave is a free and open-source web browser based on the Chromium web browser. Brave...

    The post Download Brave Browser Earn Cryptocurrency appeared first on HackingVision.

  • Acronis True Image 2020 replicates local backups in the cloud
    22 August 2019

    Acronis True Image 2020 enables users to automatically replicate local backups in the cloud – making it the first personal solution to automate the 3-2-1 backup rule that data protection experts almost universally recommend. What’s more, the Dual Protection replication feature is just one of more than 100 enhancements and new capabilities incorporated into Acronis True Image 2020 that are designed to further improve its performance, control, and security. “Considering how much we rely on … More →

    The post Acronis True Image 2020 replicates local backups in the cloud appeared first on Help Net Security.

  • Zimperium zIPS: Machine learning-based mobile phishing detection solution
    22 August 2019

    Zimperium, the global leader in mobile threat defense (MTD), announced new innovative enhancements to its zIPS anti-phishing protection. zIPS is the first and only on-device, machine learning-based mobile phishing detection solution providing the flexibility to tailor protection and privacy levels by groups. zIPS anti-phishing is available for iOS and Android devices. In 2018, there were 482.5 million attempted phishing attacks, which is more than double the attacks in 2017. The 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations … More →

    The post Zimperium zIPS: Machine learning-based mobile phishing detection solution appeared first on Help Net Security.

  • InnoAGE SSD: First SSD with native Microsoft Azure Sphere integration
    22 August 2019

    Innodisk unveiled the InnoAGE SSD, the world’s first with native Microsoft Azure Sphere integration. It enables multifunctional management for smart data analysis and updates, data security, and remote control through the cloud. “Our tight-knit collaboration with Microsoft has resulted in real innovation aimed at solving the very real challenges businesses face today,” said Innodisk President Randy Chien. “The InnoAGE SSD is the first and only hybrid solution designed solely with the AIoT architecture in mind, … More →

    The post InnoAGE SSD: First SSD with native Microsoft Azure Sphere integration appeared first on Help Net Security.

  • Limelight Networks expands management capabilities of its suite of services
    22 August 2019

    Limelight Networks has expanded the management and configuration capabilities of its suite of services with new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and web portal offerings. With these new capabilities in addition to existing APIs and Software Development Kits, developers now have more power to manage and monitor services across Limelight’s edge cloud platform. According to an IDC survey, more than half the organizations surveyed have already adopted DevOps practices, with an additional 20 percent planning to … More →

    The post Limelight Networks expands management capabilities of its suite of services appeared first on Help Net Security.

  • NBlog Aug 22 - policy and compliance
    22 August 2019
    This morning, "PS" asked the ISO27k Forum for advice about reviewing access rights.
    "I just got a minor NC for not showing compliance with review of user access rights control. At present, a report containing leavers [is] reviewed by servicedesk to ensure removal of access. This process supplements the leaver process owned by department managers. But [an] auditor has insisted that we should retrieve all access reports and review them. So question is how do demonstrate compliance with this control in your organisation? Appreciate your guidance"
    Some respondents duly mentioned typical controls in this area, while some of us spotted an issue with the issue as described. Why did the auditor raise a minor non-compliance? On what basis did the auditor insist that they should ‘retrieve and review all access reports’ - if in fact he/she did?

    With a little creative/lateral thinking, it turns out there are several intriguing possibilities in the situation described by PS aside from the obvious:
    • The organization had instituted and mandated a formal policy stating that ‘All access reports will be reviewed’ – a bad move unless they truly expected precisely that to happen. They are committed to doing whatever their policy says. If they don’t do so, it is a valid noncompliance finding;
    • The organization had [perhaps unwisely or inadvertently] instituted a formal policy stating something vaguely similar to ‘all access reports will be reviewed’, which the auditor interpreted to mean just that, whether correctly or incorrectly. This is always a possibility if policies are poorly/vaguely worded, or if the supporting procedures, guidelines, help text, advisories, course notes, management instructions etc. are similarly worded or simply missing (leaving it to workers to interpret things as they see fit … which may not be the same as the auditors, or management, or lawyers and judges if incidents escalate);
    • The organization had a procedure or guideline stating [something similar to] ‘all access reports will be reviewed’, in support of a formal policy on information access or whatever, and again the auditor was right to raise an issue;
    • The organization had a policy or whatever outside the information security arena (e.g. tucked away in an IT or HR policy, procedure, work instruction etc.) stating that ‘All access reports will be reviewed’... which in turn begs a bunch of questions about the scope of the Information Security Management System and the audit, plus the organization's policy management practices;
    • An old, deprecated, withdrawn, draft or proposed policy had the words ‘all access reports will be reviewed’, and somehow the auditor got hold of it and (due to flaws in the organization’s policy controls) believed it might be, or could not exclude the possibility that it was, current, valid and applicable in this situation - another valid finding;
    • A stakeholder such as a manager verbally informed the auditor that it was his/her belief or wish that ‘All access reports must be reviewed’, inventing policy on the spot. This kind of thing is more likely to happen if the actual policy is unclear or unwritten, or if individual workers don't know about and understand it. It could also have been a simple error by the manager, or a misunderstanding by the auditor... which possibility emphasizes the value of audit evidence and the process of systematically reviewing and confirming anything that ends up in the audit report (plus potentially reportable issues that are not, in fact, reported for various reasons);
    • The organization had formally stated that some or all of the controls summarized in section A.9 of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 were applicable without clarifying the details, which the auditor further [mis?]interpreted to mean that they were committed to ‘retrieve and review all access reports’;
    • For some reason, the auditor asserted that the organization ought to be ‘retrieving and reviewing all access reports’ without any formal basis in fact: he/she [perhaps unintentionally] imagined or misinterpreted a compliance obligation and hence inaccurately identified non-compliance when none exists;
    • The auditor may have sniffed out a genuine information risk, using the minor non-compliance as a mechanism to raise it with management in the hope of getting it addressed, whether by achieving compliance or by amending the control;
    • The auditor may have made the whole thing up, perhaps confusing matters that he/she didn't understand, or under pressure to generate findings in order to justify his/her existence and charges;
    • The auditor simply had a bad day and made a mistake (yes, even auditors are human beings!);
    • PS had a bad day e.g. the minor non-compliance was not actually reported as stated in his question to the forum, but was [mis]interpreted as such. Perhaps someone spuriously injected the word “all” into the finding (Chinese whispers?);
    • PS wasn't actually posing a genuine question, but invented the scenario to fish for more information on the way forum members tackle this issue, or was hoping for answers to a homework assignment;
    • The auditor was trying it on: was this a competent, experienced, qualified, independent, accredited compliance auditor, in fact? Was it someone pretending/claiming to be such - someone in a suit with an assertive manner maybe? Was it just someone with “auditor” scribbled on their business card? Was it a social engineer or fraudster at play?!;
    • It wasn’t a minor non-compliance, after all. Maybe I have misinterpreted “NC” in the original forum question;
    • etc....
    ... Compiling and discussing lists like this makes an excellent exercise in awareness sessions or courses – including auditor training by the way. In this particular case, the sheer variety of possibilities is a warning for information security and other professionals re policies, compliance, auditing etc. In practice, “policy” is a more nebulous, tricky, important and far-reaching concept than implied by the typical dictionary definition of the word. Just consider the myriad implications of "government policy" or speak to a tame lawyer for a glimpse into the complexities.
  • Splunk to acquire SignalFx
    21 August 2019

    Splunk announced a definitive agreement to acquire SignalFx, a SaaS leader in real-time monitoring and metrics for cloud infrastructure, microservices and applications. Splunk is already a leader in ITOM and an AIOps pioneer and, upon close, will be a leader in observability and APM for organizations at every stage of their cloud journey, from cloud-native apps to homegrown on-premises applications. This breadth of innovation will help customers deliver cost savings, increased revenue and an improved … More →

    The post Splunk to acquire SignalFx appeared first on Help Net Security.

  • ThreatConnect users can now access data from Flashpoint
    21 August 2019

    ThreatConnect, provider of the industry’s only intelligence-driven security operations platform, announced its updated integration with Flashpoint, the leader in Business Risk Intelligence (BRI). With this latest integration, joint customers can now leverage the Flashpoint API to import Finished Intelligence reports, Risk Intelligence Observables (RIOs), and Technical Indicators into ThreatConnect. The ThreatConnect Platform provides a central place for users to see and analyze their team’s threat intelligence and then take well-informed, decisive action. The Flashpoint API … More →

    The post ThreatConnect users can now access data from Flashpoint appeared first on Help Net Security.

  • A botnet has been cannibalizing other hackers' web shells for more than a year
    21 August 2019
    Neutrino botnet is hijacking servers by taking over other hackers' PHP and Java web shells.
  • New FISMA Report Shows Progress, Gaps in Federal Cybersecurity
    21 August 2019
    No major incidents mixed with continuing gaps in implementation paint an improving, but still muddy, picture of cybersecurity in the federal government.